I am happy to present my new template to you. It will enable you to hold a blog, to create you a portfolio and is 100% functional! Do you wish more? Continue reading...


No need for service outsides to manage your site! Death LabTheme is the template that you need.
�Ninguna necesidad de servicio externa para administrarsu lugar! El Death LAB es el descriptor cuyos tienenecesidad.


To hold an up to date blog is ultra easy with Death Lab. Youcan add or modify an article, to change its image ofillustration, to make page layout…. In short, all thatwordpress, joomla or dupral can do… Death Lab does ittoo!.
Es ultra f�cil tener un blog al d�a con Death LAB. Puedea�adir o modificar un art�culo, cambiar su imagen deilustraci�n, hacer la compaginaci�n…. Resumidamente, todoslo que wordpress, joomla o dupral hacen…

Multi languageFrench, Englishor Spanish?... No problem!

Death Lab manage the language with only ONE variable !!! Ifyou are French.. you choose fr ! Idem for english andspanish! This is a really simple way to create a problog/folio!
�Death LAB controla la lengua con solamente unavariable!!! Si es franceses. �elige el fr! ��dem para ingl�sy espa�ol! �Es de verdad un medio simple crear uno problog/folio sin tener que tomarse la cabeza!

Need some help?No! of course!it's so simple!

Death Lab is provided with 3 PDF (in French, English andSpanish) to learn you how install and use it.... so no timeto lose! buy it now!
Death LAB se suministra con 3 pdf (en franc�s, ingl�s yespa�ol) para ense�arle a instalarlo y utilizarlo…. �No hayel pr�ximo tiempo! �compre ahora el!

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